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Do you want to maximize your full human potential? Do you want to become the strongest, healthiest, and happiest version of yourself? The Wim Hof Method can allow you to achieve just that. I can help you start to make a conscious connection with your mind and body and to develop more control over whatever issues may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. The power is inside of all of us, what is your motivation to tap into that power?

For people interested in learning more about the Wim Hof Method and are ready to commit to change I offer the below options:

  • Wim Hof Method Workshops/Seminars
  • Nature Retreats & Outdoor Adventures
  • Corporate Team Building/Wellness Programs
  • Wim Hof Method Small Group Classes
  • Personal Development


I now offer WHM private training, small group classes and workshops at in the Fort Collins, CO and surrounding area.

Stay tuned for upcoming workshop and class schedule there.

Certified Wim Hof Method Instruction in the Fort Collins CO & Surrounding Region

As a Certified Instructor of the Wim Hof Method I offer workshops, nature retreats, personal development, small group training and corporate team building events in the Fort Collins, CO and surrounding region to give you guidance and training in learning the WHM safely and correctly. Whether the Wim Hof Method is new to you or you are a dedicated student, I can show you how to enhance and optimize your training to become the best version of yourself and help you attain your specific goals. I am learning new things with the method daily and I look forward to sharing my experiences and knowledge.

The Wim Hof Method has had such a profound, positive effect on my life, especially once implemented into part of my daily practice. Once I was able to manage my chronic back pain, have more energy and feel less stressed by practicing the WHM I felt obligated to share this with anyone else who may be searching for more and trying to re-condition their body and mind. I am excited to be a part of your life’s journey and want nothing more than to help you achieve your goals and dreams, especially happiness, health and strength!

Corporate Team Building/Wellness

With 15+ years of corporate sales experience in the telecom and online advertising markets, I understand more than anyone how sitting at a desk day in and day out for 8 hours a day while carrying the stress of deadlines, clients, and quotas can be. Combining elements of the Wim Hof Method and being in nature helped me tremendously in managing my chronic back pain and the day to day to stress of carrying a quota.  Our programs can help your employees manage stress, be more focused and more productive while being happier in the workplace.

Our programs for companies consist of:

  • Corporate Team Building Retreats
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Online Training
  • Corporate Team Building & Wellness Programs

Small Group Classes

This class style training session is for participants with a base knowledge of the Wim Hof Method and are looking for a place to practice safely with a small group of like minded individuals.   

Personal Development

I take a very personalized approach in teaching the Wim Hof Method. We all have different goals and ambitions, strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes and that is part of what makes this journey of life and the relationships we develop so beautiful.  I get to know all of my clients personally to learn more about their goals and motivations to better understand how the method can be best utilized in their day to day life.  As a certified instructor of the Wim Hof Method I can show you how to safely and correctly apply the techniques so you can gain the maximum benefit for whatever your ambitions may be.

If you are located in Fort Collins, CO and would be interested in hosting a Wim Hof Method event or attending a public workshop then read below for more information and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Benefits of Practicing the Wim Hof Method Daily

The WHM combines breathing, meditation/focus, and cold exposure to optimize your body on a cellular level.  Benefits range from stress management and having more energy to dealing with emotional trauma and chronic pain better.  By actively committing yourself and practicing this daily your body will begin to adapt and respond to make the best version of yourself available more often.  

Why Train with a Certified Instructor?

By training with a certified instructor you will always know the highest safety protocols are being followed. Instructors also have an in depth understanding of the most current scientific research regarding the bodies physiological changes and impacts when practicing the Wim Hof Method so we are able to tailor specific pieces of the method to help you achieve your overall goal.

Chilled Out Wellness Concepts

  • Breathing Exercises- Learn to breathe more efficiently to maximize performance & learn to de-stress your mind & body using your breath.
  • Nature Therapy - New scientific studies are proving that time in nature slows heart rate, reduces stress and blood pressure rate.
  • Movement/Exercise - Getting the blood & energy moving with physical activity is crucial in building the healthiest version of you.  Utilizing various movements, stretches, & body weight holds you will gain higher aerobic capacity, more muscle endurance, better balance & body control.
  • Meditation - Mindfulness & meditation have numerous proven benefits. Our training helps to create a bridge between conscious mind & physical body without the mysticism typically associated with meditating.
  • Exposure to the Elements - Exposing yourself to various natural elements such as cold, heat, wind and rain activates typically dormant internal systems and alters our physiology for the better.  The are numerous benefits that have been confirmed by the latest scientific research and includes but not limited to a positive effect on inflammation, mood, energy, weight loss, headache management, muscle tension, muscle recovery, immune system and much more  When is the last time you meditated in cold rain or did balance exercises atop a windy ridge line?
  • Nutrition - Proper nutrition is essential for your body and mind to function at its best.  Learn the best approach based on your personal goals.
    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  ~Hippocrates


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E: breathe@chilledoutwellness.com