Chilled Out Wellness
Breathe | Feel | Flow | Chill

Offering Certified Wim Hof Method Instruction to the Fort Collins CO & Surrounding Region

As a lover of health & wellness, nature, yoga, meditation and as a Certified Instructor of the Wim Hof Method  I offer the following services based out of Fort Collins, CO::

  • Wim Hof Method Worskhops
  • Outdoor Adventures | Nature Retreats
  • Corporate Team Building & Wellness Programs
  • Small Group Classes
  •  Personal Development:

Chilled Out Wellness Concepts:

Breathing Exercises: Learn to use the respiratory system to increase blood alkalinity, train your cardiovascular system to be more efficient, increase your physical performance and de-stress your mind & body ALL using your breath.

Nature Therapy: New scientific studies are proving that time in nature slows heart rate, reduces stress and blood pressure rate.

Movement/Exercise: Getting the blood & energy moving with physical activity is crucial in building the healthiest version of you.  Utilizing various movements, stretches, & body weight holds you will gain higher aerobic capacity, more muscle endurance, better balance and body control.

Meditation: Mindfulness & meditation have numerous proven benefits. Our training helps to create a bridge between conscious mind & physical body without the mysticism typically associated with meditating.

Exposure to the Elements - Safely exposing yourself to various natural elements such as cold, heat, wind and rain activates typically dormant internal systems and alters our physiology for the better.  There are numerous benefitsthat have been confirmed by the latest scientific research and includes but not limited to a positive effect on inflammation, mood, energy, weight loss, headache management, muscle tension, muscle recovery, immune systems and much more  When is the last time you meditated in cold rain or did balance exercises atop a windy ridge line?

Nutrition: Proper nutrition is essential for your body and mind to function at its best.  Learn the best approach based on your personal goals.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  ~Hippocrates


We now offer Wim Hof Method private training, small group classes and workshops at 1304 South College Ave. Suite #12 Fort Collins, CO 80524 (Karuna Heart Yoga Studio). 

IMPORTANT: Other than the time frames listed for WHM Workshops at the location all other services will be by appointment only. Please register for events prior to the scheduled start time to avoid overbooking.   Contact me directly for questions or concerns.