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By: Tate | February 09, 2017

Physical Therapy, Rx Pills, Injections, Research Program, Tossing, Turning, Stretching, Yoga, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Supplements, Exercise... (screams) WHY is my lower back still hurting???

Since I began practicing the Wim Hof Method I have been able to manage my chronic back pain caused by a torn disc better than anything I have tried previously. The ability for me to manage the pain without taking any painkillers or supplements has had a significant impact on my day to day life (and my wallet).

Instead of taking a potentially harmful NSAID, muscle relaxer or a painkiller, now I just have to do the WHM. By doing Wim Hof Method breathing techniques, specific stretching exercises, and taking a plunge in cold water I can completely mitigate A...